So, Museumist, tell me about yourself.

The San Francisco Bay Area is chock-full of wonderful museums just waiting to be visited.  I’m going to be doing my darned best to explore them, posting here about which exhibits do the job, which could use some work, and which simply can’t be missed.

On the off-chance that I get to do any traveling (unlikely, given the state of my bank account and those troublesome college loans), I’ll be sure to review some of the noteworthy exhibits I see.  If you see any exhibits you think deserve a mention, be sure to drop me a line.

Let’s just be clear on one thing: museums are serious business, but this blog isn’t.  I don’t have a degree in Museum Studies (although I’ll be working towards an MA in that venerated field soon, I hope), but what I do have is a critical eye, an academic background in American Studies, Religion, and Art History, a good sense of humor and years of museum-going to back me up.  Also, I have a true and abiding love of museum exhibiting, nurtured in me by a childhood spent at the California Academy of Sciences and too many readings of From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.  Since I can’t move into the Met like Claudia and Jamie Kincaid did, this will have to do instead.

One response to “So, Museumist, tell me about yourself.

  1. Oh, no! I was hoping there was still a chance as twenty-somethings to move into the MET… this is just like realizing you’re too old to be discovered by the Disney Channel.

    Love the idea for this blog. I didn’t realize all museums weren’t created equal until I saw the W.B. Yeats museum in Sligo, Ireland. You could tell the curators had a hard time rejecting donations because half the inventory was junk from townspeople’s attics — totally unrelated to Yeats — haphazardly arranged on glass shelves with no regard for chronology. At one point my friend Rachel picked up an unlabeled rock and raised her eyebrows at me. It was all we could to keep our composure.

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